I love dentistry with a passion and enjoy performing all the services a general dentist offers. I especially love doing cosmetic work. Here are some ways my staff and I work to offer the latest, most innovative, best possible care to each and every client.

  • Meeting Cosmetic Needs

    • Veneers, tooth whitening, bonding and enamel shaping are just some of the ways of improving your smile.
  • Rapport with Clients

    • Dealing with what is troublesome to a patient (presenting complaint) first can be the start of a relationship we hope will last a lifetime.
  • Patient Education

    • Helping clients toward ongoing dental health is our goal.
    • Just as a solid understructure is necessary for a stable house, solid understructures in the form of healthy hard and soft tissue support for teeth is also necessary.
    • Head, neck and facial pain can be related to how someone's teeth come together when they bite and to the temperomandibular joint. Dentists are playing a increasingly greater role in solving the above problems.